• ITN 2017 evaluation results out

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     Since we felt the numbers didn’t reveal much information, we’ve had a look at them, run some calculations and will detail our observations in this post.

  • ETN Starting Guide - Part 3: Starting phase

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    Now that we’ve read about what it takes to find ESRs and how to get them signed up it’s time for the next step: The starting phase. A few things we’re going to mention might seem arbitrary, for instance collecting contact details. However, it’s the small things that get easily forgotten during the lifetime of a multi-year project, but it’s often the details that make the difference.

  • ETN Starting Guide - Part 2: Contracts

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    Once the ESRs have been successfully recruited, it’s time to get their contracts prepared and signed. Employing an ESR requires slightly more paperwork in comparison to other jobs. However, the extra work required isn’t something that should deter any potential employers, after all it’s all part of the project. In this post we will be looking at the contract needed to be put in place to get your ESR started and what shouldn’t be forgotten when employing an ESR.