Vacancies at accelopment

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Are you looking for a new challenge in the area of scientific communications? Update your CV and head over to our Jobs site to get the full details.

ETN Starting Guide - Part 3: Starting phase

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Now that we’ve read about what it takes to find ESRs and how to get them signed up it’s time for the next step: The starting phase. A few things we’re going to mention might seem arbitrary, for instance collecting contact details. However, it’s the small things that get easily forgotten during the lifetime of a multi-year project, but it’s often the details that make the difference.

Benefits of ISO 9001 for EU proposal preparation and project management

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Internally we are aware of what it takes to uphold the certification and how it influences our daily work life, but because a large number of our clients and partners are either scientists or researchers, we often feel that the benefits they receive by working with a certified company aren’t perceived.

Open up to new possibilities with one-two-grant

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After the success of several workshops on EU proposal writing at renowned Irish and UK universities and based on the positive experience from the company days (firmensprechtage in German) it is long overdue that accelopment officially defines its tried and tested concept of individualised funding advice to scientists at universities across Europe. We are therefore excited to introduce one-two-grant.

RISKSUR training modules

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Here at accelopment we pride ourselves for being on the cutting edge when it comes to helping our partners with technologies. In this example we would like to explain how we use Adobe ConnectTM for training purposes. Adobe ConnectTM enables us to host virtual meetings whenever, and from wherever, we want. Having this possibility is essential when working on an international project. We have expanded our usage to more than just meetings and have used our tools to create a virtual training series.